Corporate governance

Paul Seidman is The President and Chief Officer for Pre-Alarm Security Systems Inc.  He leads the Alarm Division Unit and is responsible for driving growth and enhancing customer experience for Pre-Alarm home & business services. He also directs Pre-Alarm's corporate strategy, market and business development, and mergers and acquisitions.   Paul Seidman personally, oversees all marketing and corporate communications for the Residential and Commercial business segments.  As President Paul played a major role in the launch of Pre-Alarm's new interactive security packages, leading the product development and nationwide advertising campaign.

Paul has extensive cross-industry experience encompasses physical security products, to provide a better bundled security approach to making your home and business far more secure than possible from a standard security provider.

Paul Seidman attended Humber Collage taking Marketing which has lead his inovaitons leaps ahead of his competition over the past 35 years in residential and commercial security services.


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